Makoko Learns

Report Summary

The Taiwo Shemede Foundation – a social impact venture – provides free education to children in the community with the aim of improving their literacy and numeracy levels, and help peak their interest in pursuing further education. DoGood.Africa set out to provide fundraising and technical support to PartOfSolution2 prep school in an attempt to alleviate pressures on existing school facilities.

During the implementation of phase 1, the project sponsor communicated a change in the plan for their school to accommodate increasing student enrollment. The canopy
structure, initially intended to be a permanent classroom extension would now provide temporary accommodation while the foundation embarked on the task to renovate their  existing classroom into a storey building in what we called phase 2.

DoGood Africa is looking to create a more conducive environment for the pupils that attend PartOfSolution2 prep school(UN SDG 4). As part of this project, DoGood Africa aims to achieve the following;

Expected Impact & Benefits

The Empower Makoko 2.0 project team was encouraged to support this expansion to the project brief in line with the following projected outcomes:

  • Opportunity to increase the benefits of improved student/space ratio on the quality of the learning environment.
  • The renovation would re-establish the open field strictly as play space improving the quality of the child’s play environment.

Impact Assessment


Monitoring and Evaluation – ONE month completed

1. Use of Funds (funds breakdown available on request)
2. Impact metrics

Through Phase 2 of Empower Makoko 2.0, we were able to achieve the following;

Direct Impact

  • Increase classroom provision from 1 to 5 classrooms. Allowing different age groups to be taught simultaneously.
  • Improved student to area ratio – 0.5 squared metres per student. (Improvement from approximately 0.14 squared metres per student; global recommendation is 2.5 squared metres)
  • Benches & Tables provided to accommodate increased classroom provision
  • 5 teacher’s desks/chairs and blackboards provided in each classroom.
  • Provided direct employment for furniture makers within the community
  • Provided direct employment for painters within the community
  • Notebooks, textbooks, stationery, for all students for 1 school session + bookshelf provide upon commissioning of the new classroom

Indirect Impact

  • Continued collaboration between the school and the orphanage opposite to allow more effective use of space.
  • The school verandahs/balconies serve as civic/public spaces for members of the community to gather ‘ play during out of school hours.


SDG Fufilled