Empower Makoko Fishing Community


Makoko is a huge slum in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria. It is also a fishing community, this project would empower the fishing community in the area with better equipment to increase their fishing yield and boost their income.


We discovered that the fishermen still use crude fishing tools and equipments that are worn out. They use leaky boats which pose a risk to their lives and poses a huge danger to them while fishing. This use of poor tools affects their fishing productivity and production. They toil longer hours fishing with little yield.



Fishing is the primary means of livelihood for the Makoko community, equipping the fishermen with better equipments would boost fishing in the area and also stimulate the local economy. More people in the community would venture into fishing as it would safer and more profitable with better fishing equipments. There is a huge demand for fish as a healthy source of protein, with better yield they would be better placed to meetup to the demand.

Expected Impact & Benefits

This project would:

  • Empower the Makoko fishing community to fish effectively and increase their fishing yield and income
  • Create a safer environment for fishing
  • Unemployment in the community would reduce and fishing would be seen by the youths as viable means of livelihood
  • The local economy would be further stimulated,


SDG Fufilled