Empower Makoko 2.0


Makoko is a huge slum in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria. It is also a fishing community, characterised by low-income levels. Accordingly, many of the children in this community have no/limited access to education. Educating the children will have a marked impact on improving their literacy and numeracy levels, and help peak their interest in pursuing further education.


In Makoko, a very small proportion of the community enroll their children in schools or private lessons, primarily because only a limited number of schools are available and those that are available are unaffordable.To tackle this problem, PartofSolution2 prep school was established. It has gained significant traction in enrolling 279 pupils for its literacy programme, charging a very small fee of N100 per day. It has also engaged the services of volunteer teachers who teach the students on a daily basis. However, the facilities available are insufficient to cater to the growing number of pupils and the children are forced to learn under strenuous conditions. Some of the problems identified include

  • PartofSolution2 Prep has only one classroom with inadequate roofing – hence, the children are unable to attend lessons when it rains;
  • Over 200 pupils try to fit into a classroom that can optimally accommodate 30 students. In a bid to accommodate the children, the school borrows the church’s space located next door and converts it into a classroom that can accommodate 50 children. Still, the space is insufficient;
  • Pupils sit on the bare floor to learn as there are currently no chairs or tables in the classroom; and
  • Students do not have access to basic learning materials.

DoGood has identified the poor teaching conditions in PartofSolution2 Prep as a hindrance to the quality of education being received by the children, and a disincentive to their active participation.


DoGood Africa is looking to create a more conducive environment for the pupils that attend PartOfSolution2 prep school. As part of this project, DoGood Africa aims to achieve the following

  • Add roofing to the existing classroom, so the children can learn regardless of the weather conditions;
  • Build an additional classroom to relieve the pressure on the existing one;
  • Fit both classes with a total of 34 benches and desks – each pair will sit 5 pupils;
  • Donate basic stationary to the pupils including notebooks, pencils, erasers and sharpeners; and
  • Recognise fulltime and volunteer teachers for their contributions, whilst encouraging more learned individuals to volunteer.

Executing this project will be a first step towards future education-related interventions in the Makoko community starting with improving and promoting the awesome work PartofSolution2 Prep is currently doing!

Expected Impact & Benefits

This project would:

Encourage parents of the Makoko community to enroll their children in lessons/schools;
Create a safer environment for learning; and Improve literacy and numeracy levels in the Makoko community.


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