LITMOW (Love In The Midst Of War)
Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation
Wauru Jabbe, Adamawa, Nigeria
Quality Education


Project LITMOW (Love In The Midst Of War) helps in rehabilitating survivors of the insurgency in Northern Nigeria by giving them food, clothing and other necessities and providing some children with access to free and quality education. Through our workshops and seminars, LITMOW also teaches people how to show love and promote peaceful living and cooperation


Problem Most of the conflicts, disagreements and absence of peace being experienced in Nigeria are as a result of illiteracy, unemployment, lack of understanding and people not accepting to embrace others who don’t practice same religion as them or are not from the same tribe or ethnic group. Based on observations and studies, we believe that so many issues can be avoided through proper education, enlightenment and collaboration. This can be linked to mind-sets which have been built from childhood and from what they were taught at places of worship, customs and tradition. This project seeks to address these issues in good enough ways possible and bridge the gap by educating and empowering as many survivors of the insurgency as we can.


  • Award selected outstanding children and young adults with scholarships to be able to get access to quality education so as to give them a brighter future.
  • Encourage long-lasting conversations that will include religious and traditional leaders among other important people in the community; knowing fully well that such people are very influential and lead the people.
  • Raise passionate young people in rural and/ or urban areas affected by conflicts, terrorist attacks and insurgency to become peace ambassadors and furthermore work closely with them.
  • Change the mindsets of people and make them more peaceful with and among one anothe

Expected Impact & Benefits

  • Raise many more educated children from North-Eastern Nigeria who will, in turn, become Peace Ambassadors and help in creating opportunities and better lives for other children and young people.
  • Make life better for as many survivors as possible.
  • Change the mindsets of people and make them more peaceful with and among one another.
  • Reduce incidences of wars, conflicts and likelihood of young people to be used as weapons of destruction


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