COVID-19 Emergency Food Response
Shomolu, Lagos, Nigeria
Emergency Response

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The COVID-19 pandemic is causing a global crisis that requires combined efforts of Government, Private Companies, Civil Society and Citizens to combat. DoGood.Africa is executing a project to support the most vulnerable segment of the community by providing basic food items and water to contribute to their sustenance during these difficult times.


We are currently in the midst of a global health crisis that has taken the lives of thousands, and has constituted a threat to the well being of millions. With the crisis deepening by the day, and with confirmed cases growing astronomically, it has crippled economic activities globally. In a bid to curtail the spread of this dangerous pathogen, many countries, including Nigeria, have instituted lock downs restricting mobility, economic activities, and social life, with a knock-on effect on many other aspects of our lives. With insufficient government interventions to cater for the most vulnerable segment of the population, the Nigerian Federal Government declared a 14-day lock down in Abuja, Lagos, and Ogun State on 29 March 2020, further threatening the well-being of a large segment who depend on daily income for survival. More so, demand for food items has greatly increased as a result of panic-buying in anticipation of the lock down, leading to a significant increase in prices. The low-income class is left to grapple with scarcity and lack in the midst of the ongoing lock down. These have constituted bigger problems within the population at large and particularly for the less-privileged:

  1. Inadequate awareness amongst the lower class and the less sophisticated segment of the population
  2. Scarcity of basic needs as a result of excessive demand amidst slow/restricted economic activities
  3. Lack of purchasing power to finance necessary but highly-priced food items, leading to hunger


As an organization committed to fostering the well-being of Africans, we have decided to provide humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable segment of the population. To tackle these problems, DoGood.Africa providinng food items to struggling households within our immediate communities who have been denied access to their daily vocations and isolated into their homes amidst the lockdown.

Food Items:
Rice (5kg)
Beans (1 plastic)
Garri (1 plastic)
Semovita (1kg)
Palm oil (0.75 litres)
Vegetable oil (1 litre)
Maggi (1 pack)

Expected Impact & Benefits

This initiative would impact the Lagosians living below the poverty line who rely on food assistance from non-profits in this period, providing the basic food items and water for sustenance during the period of social isolation. We intend to impact 120 stranded households, especially those that survive on daily income, to help them have a reliable supply of meals in the absence of business/employment opportunities.


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April 18, 2020

God bless you for your work❤️


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April 14, 2020

I want Africa to be doing good!!!

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April 12, 2020

COVID-19 Emergency Food Response Project Report

Please click here to access the full report.

COVID-19 Emergency Food Response Project Update

Day 2: Saturday, 18 April, 2020
Start Time: 07:58 am
Close Time: 10:02 am
Number of Households reached: 92


DoGood team members: 8 (Teni, Busayo, Kelechi, Emmanuel, Rotimi, Peter, Edward, and Ezekiel)
External support: 5 (Anna, Oyin, Precious, Adaeze & Motilola)
Security Personnel: 2 police officers & 1 vigilante personnel (now a DoGood Champion)
Target beneficiaries: Elderly women (average age of 55)
For the same reason provided in the previous update

Streets in Shomolu reached

1. Balogun Street – 15 households
2. Awoseyin Street – 7 households
3. Anuoluwapo Street – 6 households
4. Araromi Street- 3 households
5. Olasode – 4 households
6. Olaosebikan – 3 households
7. Bajulaiye Road – 31 households
8. Market Street – 7 households
9. Morocco Road – 3 households
10. Apata Road – 5 households
11. Oguntolu Street – 8 households

Day 2 was also a success although more attention was drawn to the team’s effort due to the spread of information within the neighborhood and the perception that the project was a government initiative. The team had to restrategize on the distribution method, adopting an on-the-go distribution mechanism. This ensured reasonable physical distances were kept with the beneficiaries while also dousing potential conflicts within the streets served. The security operatives were also on standby and were of assistance in navigating around the neighbourhood to avoid hot zones. We had more external volunteers who joined to support our efforts.

We have also received some social media attention with foundations reaching out to know how best they could be of support. While the emergency food response project may have been delivered, we move on to next COVID-19 response project. Please be on the look out and thanks for your support.

Covid Response Update

Day 1: Friday, 17 April, 2020
Start Time: 07:22 am
Close Time: 09:40 am
Number of Households reached: 58
DoGood team members: 5 (Teni, Busayo, Kelechi, Emmanuel & Peter)
External support: 5 (Anna, Alice, Precious, Adaeze & Motilola)
Security Personnel: 3 police officers & 1 vigilante personnel (now a DoGood Champion)
Target beneficiaries: Elderly women (average age of 55)
This wasn't exactly planned but when we got to the field, the community showed us in real time that it was a very practical solution to ensure distribution went on without disruption.

Streets in Shomolu reached
1. Oluwalogbon Street – 10 households
2. Akanni Street – 9 households
3. Ogunbadejo Street – 3 households
4. Duru Close – 3 households
5. Anifowoshe Street – 6 households
6. Fakorede Street – 8 households
7. Odunlade Street – 7 households
8. Efon Alaye Street – 5 households
9. Balogun Street – 4 households
10. Araromi Street – 3 households

Day 1 was a huge success, the DoGood team was well received by the community, we did our best to maintain reasonable physical distance and also ensured distribution did not get rowdy at any given location. Working with the security personnel was seamless and very coordinated.

We look forward to Day 2!

COVID-19 Emergency Food Response

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

$5,019 of $4,087 raised

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